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Powered by 10% nano-hydroxyapatite, xylitol & baking soda. Soothing & luxurious flavor profile makes brushing teeth a real treat.
Take toothpaste powered by 10% nano-hydroxyapatite wherever you go.
Powered by 10% nano-hydroxyapatite, xylitol, baking soda & antioxidants. Foodie-approved tropical flavor tastes like a vacay for your mouth.

Get a 7 shades whiter smile in less than 2 weeks. Made with food-grade ingredients for sensitive teeth. 

A travel-friendly 7-day teeth whitening treatment to brighten your smile on the go or for touch-ups.

Premium bamboo brush heads made with soft, plant-based bristles

Premium bamboo brush heads made with feathery soft bristles infused & Activated Charcoal.

Level up your morning and nighttime routine with our our best-selling dynamic duo toothpaste pack.
The perfect 3-pack of our best selling paste.
Pack 3 times the sunshine in your daily routine.
Packable tote bag with pocket.

Make them smile a little wider.